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i have 2 remember tonight
as the night where everything from my past came back

Chasie asked me 2 go out 4 a walk so i did we walked 2 lacby & back n kissed n cuddled n it felt so wierd ye so right.it seqams like i belong to him

& billy re-added me which was really wierd

i feel like im drunk or im having a crazy dream

* * *
well my summer wast a total waste
My G.C.S.E results were crap
but im still in college with only Maths 2 re-take
i havn't been in a proper relationship since Chris...
James & i were wierd n only saw each other at school & T.c didn't even ask me
Jaime was a cunt & theres a guy i like atm but i dono its really wierd.he acts as if he likes e n stuff but i dono

i miss billy...i tryed to talk to him at enrolment...hes fine if were 1 on 1 but around others hes a cunt

Both Aimme & Jaz are back from holiday
& i've been invited 2 stay in chinly with Spam & Cat in october

urghh i dono what im doing with life right now
nothing seams right..
i need structure to my days...then mabey i'll update this more & go on deviantart

im not sure weather to go back to stage 1 or take up something else...the show were doing wont appeal to me at all but if were goonna do a dance show after it then i wanna kep my place

urghhh whats up with me atm
im a mess
* * *
ok so Jamie turned out like the rest...hes a cunt
Aimme got with reedy properly rather than just seeing him
ermm i got a pretty prom dress for £5 that im gonna do up & were it 2 wham in december:)
im at lozzys party tomoro
gonna get drunk
i atm i have my red dye on & when Aimme gets back shes doing my black

Jasmine gets back soon yey....

omg G.C.S.E results in less than a week
& college enrolement

* * *
ok so its been ages since i posted anything
let alone showed you what i look like atm
i have faded red hair with black tips :)
&& im dressing quite 80's :)
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I carn't remember the last time i updated
but i know it was ages ago

My best friend is in canada atm
im lost without her
well i still have Aimz & Nikki who i see alot
& aldo now a new b/f
whos compleatly diffrent to all of my ex's
considering T.c didn't ask me out
we were just seeing each other
& boxy was boring

heh lifes pretty good atm
apprt from the usualy shit i get from my sister when shes home

im at so many partyies this summer
n doing so much
i have a geate social life<3
i love it

* * *
* * *
I ewnt to Lincoln the other day with Jasmine to get my mind of thing
we had a good time although it was windy & freezing.
i bought a new Emerald green eyeshadow/face wies/face scrub/flowers 4 mum/cosmopolitan & some fudge

was a good day

yesterday i had my food exsam wa ok...spent the moring with Elly & Emma wayting 4 our exsam..we walked 2 Danis 2 see her 4 abit..n then went 2 our exsam

i came bk home n then about 5:15 ish Aimee came over & we decided we'd bike 2 stoners house. About 8 miles away. we got there had a beer or 3 went on his trampoline & biked with him 2 the woods where we met rich. we made a fire n sang gay camp fire song cause were well sad. we biked 2 rich's house watched t.v until me & Aimee decided it was getting dark & time 2 be getting back

WE biked through Healing rather than lacby..tryed 2 see Steph && lloyd but it was 2 dark & i couldn't remember which house it was...*caan now tho* we biked through Grate cotes & towards the trwal...we got back to mine for about 11:30 ish so want too bad

today i got up went to the salon & had my eyebrows waxed & eyelashes Dyed for the prom..it stung abit but not 2 much

heh i came bk home n ended up playing mummmy again 2 alot of people
like elping them with there problems..im ok if its any of my girls but this is getting abit silly. it seams like even strangers are comming 2 me 4 help.

heh Emma.G came over we chatted & watched the family stone which i booked from Sky forgetting that it was an exsam movie... oh well

i've eaten loasdds of berrys today & darnk water 2 flush out my system befor mondays prom
* * *
i cba to write about whats happened
but 2 put a long sorty short
i ran away
came bk
have raych over 4 the weekend
we took amazing pic
went to a party on sunday
had nude pics taken without my consent to a guy that gose dancing
& yesterday & today just monged out all day

here the pics from the weekend
we Dressed 2 depress *Me in my prom dres*Collapse )

* * *
wel i wanted 2 update on tuesday..wel i did but because i was at bills n he'd be able 2 read it i posted a quiz.

heh well saterday after billy had gone & i posted on here i went into town with my mum 2 look2 prom shoes...i didn't find any that fit or that i could walk in...we also looked 4 jeans that i could wear 4 collge but again no luck..i found some uber nice ones but they were £80 :O
am i fuck spending that amount of money on them.we went into top shop n mum got me some "mooch" jeans n a few pterry tops which i was happy about..she wanted 2 spend more money on my but i wouldn' let her so we came home..billy didn't ring me when he was into so i got the feeling he was offwith me.he spent the night at Danis *the lass who took raych off me* n i no she wants him...

i went out drinking with katie & zul.i got to the matrix n the people i was ment to be seeing were being arse whole so i got rather upset.i met a guy called ben who was fairly intrestd in me but i didn't like him much.i came in n went to bed.

on sunday i met jaz in town n we trotted round as we do looking at shit in town.i bought a summer scalf n a thong..loverly.

on monday i had english lit revision..was boring as fuck.we left at dinner n went into town.bily was being abit wierd n hardly talking so i bummed jackie abit. heh i got the bus bk with the boys n decidd what i'd wear for taking back sunday.
i got up on tueday n went to my english exsam..it was ok bit boring i came out n went into caistor with billy n the boys...we saw loads of the gammer people like emah sami & Dani
me emah n sami cauhgt up with each other n i told them where me n billy were going... billy n dani sat on the roundabout n chatted..he told e we had 2 go to the market place 2 get picked up..so we walked there n said bye

we got to billys n i met his brothers..he got redy n stuff i posted a quiz on here n he saw me chatting in coad from 2 1 of my friend. we set off 4 nottingha at about 3ish n got there at about 4:30ish we got 2 the hmv where the band were singing thing n so we cued up...we waited about 20 mins n then 1 of the bouncers shouted just as we got to the door..if you havn't got a c.d theres no point in wayting cause you wont be let in the store without 1. so we got moody n walked off i got a buger king n we got 2 rock city

we got inside n stood on the balcony wayting 4 the support acts.we didn't know who was playing so when the lihgts came upwe both looked at each other n quealed. hellowgoodbye were playing.we stook n watched them.then this wierd american band that sounded shit n then Taking Back sunday.

we got picked up n i felt really shitty n tierd so i went to sleep n got woke up as we got 2 ner morrisons
i went to school on tuesday n did myr.e exsam..it was ok but i finished quite erli. i stayed in school n did some ict wth Jackie & danideellamandella.. bily sat with gemma this girl he likes..me n dani were jiping him cause he was wearing girl jeans he didnt talk 2 me much
i got my ict sdone n went home

got in n me n billy had a huge argument n then he blocked me
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